Free eBook: So Much More by Brad Leeper

My friend Brad Leeper developed a great eBook to help church leaders accelerate generosity towards the end of the year and ongoing. Below is a description of eBook and link to download. Your end-of-the-year giving campaign is a huge church communications opportunity and this eBook is a great guide.

So Much More

We already see some retail operations gearing up for Christmas. Whether you look upon the decorations with disdain or get giddy like a child, our culture gears up as the yearly calendar ticks down.

For most church leaders, we also get a feeling as the calendar turns. For many, that feeling is one of dismay. Unless we make a big push for end-of-year giving, our budget is busted. Let’s gear up, gang, one more time. We gotta make the push or the plea.

But those duty-filled steps of necessity can be different. What if, just what if, we can winsomely engage our congregation in a way that brings joy, accelerates giving and adds to our overall generosity culture? Download eBook for a guide on how to accelerate generosity.

Download eBook


This guide serves as a pathway to create, plan and execute an excellent end-of-year giving project. More than developing giving, this guide will help you elevate and accelerate your generosity culture!