Want to Be Successful?

I often ask myself, “How is that person successful?”

Through my experiences and learnings, I believe these are 5 Keys to Being Successful -

1. Work to please God, not man.

  • Nobody likes a “kiss up” or a “brown noser” anyway.  Do point #2 instead.

2. Sacrificially serve others.

  • Last week I was on the campus of a very successful church led by a successful Senior Pastor.  They are cleaning their office portables to save money.  As I walked out of the Senior Pastors office portable, I noticed a sign stating, “Office Portable Cleaned by ___________  This Week.”  That blank was filled in with the Senior Pastor name.
  • Roll up your sleeves and start serving people.  And stop asking the question, “If I am serving everybody, who will serve me?”

3. Present solutions, not problems.

  • Without a doubt, successful people do not complain or blame.  Success comes when the amount of solutions you present trump the amount of problems you bring.

4. Be smart and work hard.

  • Successful people are inherently smart.  Not the SAT or IQ smart necessarily.  But the “wise-kind-of” smart.  They simply make good decisions.
  • Secondly, they work their “tales off.”

5. Be a continual leader.

  • Every successful person I know is an avid researcher and reader.
  • Readers are leaders.  Learners are leaders.

What common traits do you see in successful people?

  • Carol Jones

    Successful people accept blame and deflect credit to their team. They own their mistakes readily. They are
    Not defensive when presented with other’s thoughts about problems or new ideas.

    • Tim

      Not being defensive huge. Good point.

  • Julie Wallace

    Successful people walk humbly and give God credit as their source of all good things.

    Successful people realize they are only successful when their relationships are healthy.

    • Tim

      Absolutely. Humility is one of the biggest keys. I need to add that to the list. Thanks.