Volunteerism – Don’t Say “No” for Your Volunteers

Don’t Be Someone’s No

Ever think about asking someone to serve in your ministry, but you’re so certain that they’ll say “No” that you don’t even bother to ask them?  (Come on, you know you’ve done it!)

Instead of saying no for them, why not just ask them and let them answer for themselves? They just might say, “Yes!”

No One Swims Toward a Sinking Ship

Ever asked someone to serve on your team from a place of desperation? If you’ve ever used this method or been tempted to, it doesn’t work.  It makes your potential volunteers think something is either wrong with you as a leader or you as a volunteer.

People want to serve with great leaders on positive teams that are moving forward (not sinking.)

When inviting people to serve, give them all the positive reasons they will want to serve on your team.

One Is a Lonely Number

Let’s face it.  Some volunteer roles really don’t require more than one person.  Even if that is the case, try to give all of your volunteers opportunities to build community.  When people feel isolated or alone, it’s lonely, and not a fun way to serve.

 As long as your volunteers feel like they are on a “team” they will happily serve in their “one-man” role.

Keep it Real When It Comes to Praise

People need to be reminded (often) why they are doing what they are doing.  Real, actual reasons.  Sure it sounds very spiritual to say that people are changing people’s lives, or impacting the Kingdom, but you have to tell them whose life they are actually changing or in what way they are actually impacting the kingdom.

Just remember to keep it real.

What are some of the best methods you use to recruit new volunteers and/or to help them succeed?

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  • worldprayr


    Great thoughts this is a subject dear to my heart being blessed to serve with a virtual team, that is basically an online mission team comprised of around 140 Servants Of The Most High God. There in lies our motivational factor, describes what we ask of from those who serve within the ministry. What we challenge them to, remind them of and remind ourselves of who they are, as we treat them as such. This also reminds them of who is and has already picked up the tab for what they are doing.

    There is issues on both sides of the coin of volunteerism. There are the abuses of those who lead and the wrong attitudes that come with those who might consider themselves a volunteer (We are doing this for free). We discovered early on there was a strong need in order to build and develop something of excellence to call those who serve within the ministry exactly what 1Peter 2:9, 16 said they are.

    So then we challenge those who serve within the ministry not to be identified by their performance which is what the word volunteer does but to accept their identity, understand that it is the why of grace that they do what they do as they move forward with the ministry. So we actually have a saying “Volunteers Need Not Apply, Only Servant’s Of The Most High God Desired Here”

    So thank s for some quick reminders, especially like the one “Instead of saying no for them, why not just ask them and let them answer for themselves? They just might say, “Yes!”” and The Destination issue.


    • http://www.timpeters.org/ Tim Peters

      That is great!