Top 3 Church Websites in America

After hundreds of hours reviewing and testing church websites, I present to you the Top 3 Church Websites in America.  What makes these websites the best?  First, they present an experience.  Secondly, they deliver value added content to users in seconds.  Thirdly, they do a great job of engaging the user via social media and life-change stories.  Fourthly, they present content in a simple but effective design.

Mars Hill Church

Simplistic design, captivating graphics, ease-of-use with detailed drop-down menus, relevant content via blogs and videos, consistent and clear messaging.

The Village Church

Ease-of-use with detailed drop-down menus, captivating life-change stories via video and written story, brilliant site architecture, succinct and informative New Here? section, highly accessible sermon media, effective use of video communications.

The City Church

Clear emotional communication via images, excellent use of videos to communicate stories and important details, vector graphics/icons to illustrate content, consistent and clear content, instructive and detailed pages with no wasted space or language.

What other church websites would you place in the Top 3 in America?  

  • Drew Goodmanson

    Glad to have the Village on the list. It was a fun and rewarding project for our team to be a part of.

    • Tim

      Drew. Absolutely. One of the best sites I have seen in a while. Great work.

  • Mike Anderson


    Thanks for the comments. We’d always love to hear about any way we can make the Mars Hill site more helpful.

    • Tim

      Great! Thanks for comment. As mentioned in our personal email communications, I would increase visibility of social media channels, provide clear pictures of what to expect, add in pictures of leadership and communicate life-change stories.

  • Scott Ballard


    We appreciate your kind words and as Mike said, we would love to hear ways we could continue to improve our site.

    • Tim

      Great! My initial thoughts would be to increase visibility of social icons and life-change stories via homepage. I viewed a story rotating in banner rotation, but think a permanent piece of real estate on homepage would be great. Additionally, I think adding in photos of day-to-day life at Village Church would be a plus. What Sunday mornings look like … What children’s ministry space looks like … What the people of The Village Church look like …


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  • Brian Nonya