The Why and How to Share Life-Change Stories

Stories move people, perhaps none more than the story of Jesus Christ. Writer Tom Gilbert, personal historian and founder of explains: “We want to relate to God, but human understanding cannot fathom God. The Christian testimony is that God meets us where we are, at our level. And it seems the most powerfully transformed lives are those who personally encounter Jesus in our broken-ness.”

Since these stories of life-change often speak louder than sermons or worship music, it’s important to have a system in place for capturing them.

5 Ways to Capture Life-change Stories

  • Provide links throughout your website where people can submit stories online.
  • Ask people to submit stories via Facebook and Twitter.
  • Encourage members to share their stories in a live service.
  • Give people plenty of time in a worship service to write their stories.
  • Build storytelling kits.  Include inexpensive video and digital cameras and a list of questions for storytellers to ask.  Allow staff and volunteers to rent kits and task them to cover certain ministry events.

Once you have captured stories, it’s time to tell and celebrate them.

3 Methods For Sharing Life-change Stories

  • Video – Film, edit and refine content, then share the story through the Internet.  Here is a great example of telling stories through video.

  • Print – Hire talented writers and photographers to “tell” stories.
  • Live – Help people develop a concise version of their story and coach them on delivery.  Add visual interest by projecting photos of the person in the background. Solidify this part of their story by praying over them.

Whatever methods you choose to capture and celebrate life-change stories, don’t lose sight of the actual change that God has worked in the person’s life.

How do you capture and celebrate life-change stories at your church?