The Secret to Being Creative

My time at Create Conference in Canada was wicked good, eh? I enjoyed connecting with leaders from around the Nation.  I resonated with the work of Jeremy Cowart.  Jeremy is an artist and photographer. But, he uses his artistic abilities to tell stories brining glory to God.  Although, he has ‘shot’ Tim Tebow, Carrie Underwood and many other celebrities; I was most inspired by his ability to be creative.

Here is the best way to be creative … Ready?

Create SPACE to Listen

Jeremy believes everybody is creative as our God is creative and we are created in His image.  However, many times our lives are jam-packed and leave no time for listening.  Create space in your calendar for space.  Listen, listen and listen. Listen while working, traveling, walking, etc.

Listen and you will hear the whispers of God directing you.  Then act without fear and obey.

How do you generate creativity? 

  • Lawrence W. Wilson

    Tim, that is so needed. I create this space first by daily writing (sort of like journaling). It’s amazing what you can discover when you think on paper. Second, I think it’s important to get away periodically. For me, geographical space (getting away from home and office) brings an instant change of perspective.

  • Dave Shrein

    Seriously, an awesome reminder. And I especially love what you relay from Jeremy that everyone is creative as God is creative… Love it!

    • Tim Peters

      Thanks for comment, Dave. See you in a few days at ECHO.