The Need for Branding In Ministry


  • Branding is the process by which the true character and mission of your organization is communicated.
  • There are two ways of thinking about branding -

The big “B” BRAND represents the impression that the organization leaves in someone’s mind as a result of the total experience with the ministry. BRAND would include every person-to-person interaction that occurs on behalf of the organization.

The small “b” brand refers to the visual representation of the organization everywhere the ministry officially “speaks” through communication tools (brochures, websites, signage, business cards, etc.) The three basic building blocks of the brand are the logo, tagline and graphic identity (look and feel).


If you are not a brand you are generic.

  • Brands build relationships.
  • Brands inspire trust.
  • Brands clearly define what you offer.
  • Brands remove ambiguity and therefore they remove risk.
  • Brands make the commitment decision easier for a potential first-timer, member or ministry volunteer.
  • Brands create an experience.

At the heart of any ministry is the stewardship of a message – the message of the gospel. Branding is a tool to communicate this message with cultural relevance.

  • Denomination or religious language alone is no longer a viable brand.
  • Your ministry has something to brand- your “corporate grace.”
  • We live in an age of “graphicacy” over literacy.


  • Branding creates more influence with people outside of the ministry.
  • Branding helps build ownership and enthusiasm around the ministry’s mission.
  • Branding helps keep the ministry focused on people (mission) rather than programs, buildings, or personalities.
  • Branding models ministry unity in a concrete way and helps align a decentralized structure and strategy.

The brand integrates and correlates every element of the ministry. This includes everyone from the staff and volunteers to the members to first-time participants to the community at large. Unless there is a clear and consistent view of the church brand, ministries and programs may go off in different directions and fragment the message of the ministry.

How do you think and dream about brand development at your church?  How do you see branding?

*Content provided by Will Mancini and the Auxano Team.

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