The Grind of Church Communications


Over the past 10 years I’ve worked for and with hundreds of churches in the area of communications. That means I’ve connected with tons of communication leaders. One of the ‘buzz’ phrases I hear often is “church communications is a grind”. At times the phrase is communicated in these words “It is tough working in the trenches of church communications”.

First, I want you to know I too have used these phrases.

I completely understand church communications is not an easy position within the church. The communications director is oftentimes overworked, under resourced and unappreciated.

But, using phrases like “church communications is a grind” and “It is tough working in the trenches of church communications” do our role as communication leaders an injustice! Ponder these two phrases … Neither are remotely positive.

In fact, these phrases communicate a position of pride, bitterness and entitlement. What if we changed the phrases to “church communications is a joy and privilege” and “It is fulfilling and thrilling to work in the area of church communications.”

Listen … The role of a church communications director will continue to be sought after and valued as churches recognize the value of effective communications.

It is our role to be an ‘advocate’ of church communications, not a ‘victim’.


  • Kevin D. Hendricks

    I agree that we need to fight bitterness, but I don’t think being positive is the goal. I think we need to be honest. Church communication can be tough. Some people don’t feel fulfilled and thrilled at their job. What if they don’t feel like it’s a joy right now?

    We probably need to be careful about not pushing people into a victim role, but we also need to be honest about where people are at.

    • Tim

      Good thoughts! Totally agree we need to strike a balance.