Tell Me a Story Book Giveaway

I am excited to give away a FREE copy of my friend Scott McClellan’s new book - Tell Me a Story (Finding God and Ourselves Through Narrative).  It is a fantastic book and I highly recommend you purchase the book if you do not win.

How do you win a free copy?

It is pretty easy.  The first three people to subscribe to Sayge will receive book for free.  During the registration we will receive your mailing address and the great team at Moody Publishing will send you the book.  What do you have to lose? You get a free book and the opportunity to tryout Sayge for 30 days for free!


Book Description -

Do You Know What Makes a Great Story Great?

All the best stories have a few things in common—sometimes, we just have to step back from our daily routine to see them. First, we need the voice of a narrator or a storyteller. Then, add in some interesting characters, throw them into a risky setting, and get ready for a good dose of conflict. Give those characters a purpose or goal and then…well, then the real action begins!

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When we recognize the elements of a great story, we begin to see our lives as a part of God’s story. Then, we’ll better understand what He has for us, what we should believe about this story, and what we should then do.

God’s story is happening. We are right in the middle of a page-turner—and God is with us in it. Start seeing your life as a part of God’s story and make some great adventures happen right now!

Connect with Scott - 

ScottMcClellanScott McClellan is the author of the new book, Tell Me a Story, and the Communications Pastor at Irving Bible Church. Find him online at or on Twitter: @scottmcclellan.