Simple Christmas [Video]

I had the great pleasure to work alongside leaders of WoodsEdge Community Church in redefining their missional strategy.  That time was exciting and very rewarding. What is more rewarding is that WoodsEdge is still aligning themselves with that strategy in everything they do.  Their missional strategy is Love Jesus, Journey Together and Bring Hope to the World. This coming Christmas their communication efforts will be centered around Simple Christmas.

Love Jesus = Less Me, More Jesus
Journey Together = Less Hurry, More Time
Bring Hope = Less Spending, More Giving

Brian Mann (Creative Arts Pastor) produced a phenomenal short video communicating the heart of this emphasis.  If you would like permission to use this video and additional promotional files, please email me.

  • Christine Bierma

    We love this video and it fits perfectly with our Christmas theme this year “Christmas In Action” We would like to use the video this weekend if we can?
    Christine Bierma
    New Life Church
    New Lenox, IL