Should Senior Church Leaders Use Social Media?

Fifty-nine percent of execs believe businesses that do not routinely leverage social media will not survive, according to a Forrester Research survey. And 71 percent said companies taking social media seriously gain a competitive business advantage, the survey found.

Cambridge, MA-based Forrester’s consulting division conducted online surveys with 101 VP- and C-level marketing professionals and interviewed 12 CEOs, CMOs, and VPs. The 29-year-old research firm was commissioned by Facebook to orchestrate the report. ClickZ News received a sneak peek to the results, which will manifest in a 15-page report to be released on Wednesday.

Three other interesting data findings:

  • 41 percent of the execs’ firms have begun using social media to market products, manage staff, and optimize operations.
  • 40 percent plan to start employing social media as a marketing and operations tool.
  • 76 percent said social media is a brand builder.

Source: ClickZ

Immediately my thoughts race to Senior Pastors and other Senior Leaders of churches and how they embrace social media.

  • Are senior church leaders fully embracing social media?
  • Are senior church leaders leveraging social media to extend pastoral conversations with people beyond Sunday?
  • Are senior church leaders viewing social media as a tool to live out the Great Commission?

I believe in cases, a group of senior church leaders use social media to connect with church members.  However, I believe the majority of senior church leaders do not embrace and leverage the power of the Internet.  I believe they should.

Why?  Because the stats of Internet consumption are alarming and represent much more than statistical data.  The numbers represent PEOPLE.  SOULS.  ETERNITY.

I highly recommend every senior church leader calendar specific time each week to intentional connect with people via social media.


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  • Jason Stambaugh

    I’d also add here that church leaders and pastors need to show leadership, and demonstrate how to use social media with a Kingdom focus. Pastors and leaders are ready to lend a hand, advice, on wisdom on virtually every other area of life, why not social media?

    With so many Gen Y (millenials) on social media, Pastors and church leaders need to see this a big opportunity to reach and teach the next generation of church leaders.

    • Tim Peters

      Jason -

      Wholeheartedly agree! I often encourage church leaders to train up digital missionaries. We equip people to be overseas and local missionaries. Why not digital?

      • Robert Lane

        “Digital Missionaries” is a term I’ve never heard before, but that’s a great thought. As always, I appreciate your insight.

        • Tim Peters

          Thanks again Robert for commenting. Digital Missionary is a word I coined a couple months ago on accident while speaking at a conference!

          • Sharon

            Love this blog – i was invited to be a Digital missionary in 1995 – so the term predates then – Ibut I think posts like yours will take the practice of DMs to the next level – awesome!

  • Josh Burns

    I totally agree with you here Tim. I think many pastors and leaders are beginning to see the importance in social media, but they think that it is just good enough to have their church’s brand presence on social media. I think it is just as important, if not more important that pastors have a presence and start to view these tools as ways to connect with people in relationship.

    Thanks for posting, and these resource links are great.

    • Tim Peters

      Totally agree Josh. Thanks for stopping by blog. Glad the resource links were helpful.

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