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My heart breaks over the fact that many older generation pastors do not invest in younger generation pastors. My wish is that older generation pastors would do the following in efforts to invest in younger generations.  We need and want your investment.

Encourage feedback

  • When you are done preaching a sermon, gather 2-3 young staff members and solicit feedback.
  • This is a time to listen, not defend.
  • If appropriate, implement feedback.
  • Allow younger generation to speak into the future of the church.  This is huge as they will be the ones responsible executing the vision!

Engage their personal life.

  • Truly care about their families, dreams, hobbies, etc.
  • I will never forget when a senior leader (my boss) was praying over me and forgetting my wife and kids names.

Elevate accessibility.

  • Have an “open door” policy.  In my mind, that means you do not have to schedule time with your assistant.
  • Remember, ministry and life is more about people than projects.
  • Gather a handful of younger generation pastors and mentor them through life and ministry.

Entrust responsibility.

  • Assign special projects.
  • Throw them into the water and allow them to “sink” or “swim.”

On the flip side, I agree wholeheartedly with Craig Groeschel’s talk at Catalyst that the younger generation must heed the following advice -

  • You need those who have gone before you.
  • Studies show that the younger generation is most often described by employers as entitled.
  • Because the emerging generation feels entitled, when it comes to ministry, you feel you need to do it all now.You want to be in leadership, but you can’t speed up maturity.
  • You often overestimate what God wants to do through you in the short run, and you often grossly underestimate what God wants to do through you in the long run.
  • Always show your leaders honor. Honor publicly results in influence privately. Do not treat your leaders as common or ordinary. Dishonor and faith in the leaders before you limit your church.
  • Some people need to repent for dishonoring the God-ordained position above them.

In closing, I think BOTH generations MUST do a better job by investing in one another.  We are on the same “team” and we need one another.

Do you have any stories of  impacting resulting from generations connecting? What would add to the list?

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    Good words. Applying.