4 Tips on Networking

In the past three months, I have networked with the following people -

Will Mancini – Founder of Auxano
Maurillio Auromin – Founder of The A Group
Drew Goodmanson – Founder of Monk Development
Justin Wise – Co-Director of Center for Church Communications
Brad Leeper – President of Generis
Julie Bullock – Generosity Strategist with Generis
Bryan Miles – Founder of MAG
Scott Williams – Blogger at Big Is The New Small
Tony Morgan – Church Strategy Consultant
Travis Gates – Co-Founder of Church Media Group
Kent Shafer – Founder of Church Relevance
Michael Smalley – Author and Founder of Smalley Online
Larry Shaffer – Vice President of Insperity (Formerly Administaff)
William Vanderbloemen – Founder of Vanderbloemen Search Group
Brent Spicer – Chief Strategy Officer of Dave Ramsey Group

Before I aggressively began networking, only two of the people listed personally knew me.  I was on a mission to connect with as many people as possible.  Why network with people?  Because it is the most effective way to market your services.

I found the best way to build my business is through networking. I contact people, share my services and listen and learn about their services and products.  Here is what I learned.

  1. Swallow your fear and reach out. I cannot tell you how many types I thought, “This person will never email me back” when sending influential people emails.
  2. Everything is not the truth. During your networking conversations, do not always believe comments or opinions. In most cases, the people you are engaging do not know you. They are giving you an opinion. Take some time, digest and see if what they are saying truly resonates with you.
  3. Be open to partnerships and collaboration. Out of the fourteen people I connected with, 3 working partnerships were birthed.
  4. Be prepared to give. It is not wise to network with the mindset of “what’s in it for me.” Genuinely care about what the other person offers.  Listen and encourage.

To all the people listed above, I truly thank you for your time and wisdom.

What would you add to the list when networking with people?

  • Ben Rey

    It would be great to see some tips on how to write those emails!

    • Tim

      Ben -

      Absolutely. When writing emails I try and stick to these bullet points.

      - State common ground. “I met you at a conference …” “I know ______ and they recommended I reach out to you” Etc.

      - State purpose of wanting to connect

      - State clearly I have a desire to learn more about what they do

      - Finally, KEEP IT SIMPLE. Nobody wants to read a long email from a stranger