How to Lead Creative People and Bring Ideas to Life

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Kyle is the Digerati Church-to-Church Team Leader at  His role is to oversee creation, development and support of the resources gives away for free to the global church. To find out more about the tools and resources gives away for free visit

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Question: What systems do you use to manage projects and meet deadlines?

  • Try different methods and systems.  Find the right systems for your style.
  • Strategically spend individual time identifying what is priority.
  • Consistently meet throughout duration of project for updates and adjustments.
  • Applications: Things and Basecamp

Question: How do you take an idea from birth to launch?

  • Ask questions and listen.
  • Take answers to questions and convert to action steps.
  • Constantly evaluate action steps and development of idea.
  • Set hard deadlines.  Meeting deadlines allows opportunities to celebrate progress and create momentum.
  • Regularly talk about idea with others within your team and outside your team.
  • Pray over the execution of big idea.

Question: What are the best way to lead creative people?

  • A creative person is a problem solver.  Everybody is creative.
  • Be consistent with creative people.
  • Hype up vision, mission and values of organization and idea.
  • Allow “blue sky” moments for dreaming.
  • Regularly have “fun” with your team of creative people.

Question: What is your new role at and how can churches benefit from your resources?

  • Build and develop new free products for church leaders around the Nation.

How do you lead creative people?  What ways do you take an idea from birth to launch?