Does Your Church Have a Core Content Strategy?

ContentStrategyRecently I read a superb book entitled Content Strategy for the Web (2nd Edition) by Kristina Halvorson. The book is presented as a way for corporations to generate relevant web content to attract new business.  But, the book is full helpful tips churches should use to produce web content that inspires and engages people.  Oftentimes, churches have a difficult time generating great content for their website and social media platforms.  This book and the below information from chapter 3 is a great tool to help you create content strategy that helps develop content.

Here is a great way to develop a Content Strategy -


What is a content strategy?

Content is what the user came to read, learn, see or experience.  Therefore, a content strategy guides your plans for the creation, delivery, and governance of content.  A strategy is an idea that sets the direction for the future.

At the very center is the core content strategy. This defines how an organization will use content to achieve its objectives and meet its user needs.


  • What kinds of content do we need? What messages does content need to communicate to our audience? 


  • How is content prioritized, organized, formatted and displayed?


  • What processes, tools, and human resources are required for content initiatives to launch successfully and maintain ongoing quality? 


  • How are key decisions about content and content strategy made? 

Content strategy connects real content to real people.

Developing a content strategy is critical as the church has the most important content in the world to communicate.  However, if a strategy is not in place everything will be communicated.  And if everything is communicated, nothing is communicated.  More than likely, without a content strategy the most important information and gospel message will be drowned out with event and ministry announcements.

Use the above chart and content to develop a content strategy to help you communicate what matters.

How does your church develop fresh content on a regular basis? 

  • DL Church Websites

    I like the way you have presented this. I think it’s very important to think through what we want to communicate and plan how to do that. Too many times, on our websites, we throw some content on there and go on with our business. But our website is many times the first (and sometimes the only) view someone gets of us.

    Churches need to think through what they want to say in their bulletin and their website, and then communicate what they are all about and what they believe.

    Thanks for the post.

    • Tim Peters

      Great thoughts and confirmation. Thanks.