Cultures Are Created

If vision is a picture of what could be, and mission is what you do to achieve vision, then values act as the foundation of both.  They are living, breathing words that shape culture and action.  Culture is what most of the people are doing; most of the time.

Craig Groeschel states, “Healthy cultures never happen by accident.  They are created.” The main source that shapes your culture is your values.  Do you have values?

How do you identify your values?

Ask Questions

  • What values has God put within us?
  • What do we passionately enjoy and love?
  • What breaks our hearts?
  • What is intrinsically true of our leaders and organization?

Narrow Down

  • Ideally no more than 5
  • Remembering and applying values is critical

Define Clearly

  • Describe values in short life-giving statements
  • Must be articulated in clear and compelling statements

Daily Integration

  • Hire and fire based on values
  • Drives day-to-day decision making
  • Regularly communicate to leaders and followers

At the end of the day, you will create a culture within your organization.  Will you create a healthy or unhealthy culture?  You have the operate to intentionally shape your culture in a healthy way.  Lead on.

How do you shape culture within your organization?