Church Communication Challenges Survey Results

Wow.  I received a ton of submissions to my recent Church Communications Challenge survey.  Honestly, I was not shocked to receive many entries.  Why?  Because I know the majority of churches have many Church Communications and Marketing challenges.  The challenges are consistent across the board – lack of resources, lack of leadership understanding, lack of strategy, lack of vision, lack of content and more.

Read what people are facing on a daily basis and be encouraged -

Having a vision to drive Church Communications.

It is impossible to meet all the needs of all the ministries.

Effectively engaging, informing and activating three very different audiences (visitors/unchurched, attendees that are not very involved, and member/leaders who want depth).

The Communications Department has always been a support ministry at my church. The other ministries have final say on designs, deadlines, focus, what goes up in our Welcome Center, what the copy for the website says. I almost need a sign outside my office that says “I’m not Kinkos.”

Timing – knowing when to launch a campaign, how long it should run, and meeting proper deadlines when working with a creative team.

Recruiting, envisioning and empowering volunteers.

Developing & implementing a communications strategy.

Old people not wanting to change.

Church lay leaders attitude towards marketing for the church.

Communications is not valued by the leadership. It’s always the 2nd or 3rd hat for some staff person.

Resources and training materials.

Strategy. Developing a master plan for all the different areas of communication. Finding examples.

Prepare yourself.  Here comes a shameless sales presentation.  Seriously, I created Sayge Church Communications Training Program because of these challenges.  I resonate with every single challenge submitted because I face the very same challenges on a daily basis.  That is why I spent hours upon hours researching and learning the essentials of Church Communications by writing over 300 blog posts, giving away eBooks, interviewing hundreds of church leaders and more.

These challenges drove me to create an affordable resource I wish I had years ago, that you can have today by subscribing.  And it is the only Church Communications Training available to church leaders.  The resource is perfect for any church leader in any context because what the church communicates matters.

Video – Why I Created Sayge?

Sayge | Why I Created Sayge from Tim Peters on Vimeo.

Sayge will help you do the following -

  • Identify and Communicate God’s Unique Vision for Your Church
  • Evaluate Your Sunday Morning Guest Experience to Ensure a Great First Impression
  • Develop a Social Media Strategy and Content Map to Share Inspiring Content
  • Review Your Website to Develop Not Just a Website, But a Web Experience
  • Create a Communications Strategy that Helps You Communicate What Matters
  • Learn How To Recruit, Train and Mobilize Volunteers to Give You Time to Be Creative
  • Establish Project Management Systems Helping You Meet All of Your Deadlines with Excellence
  • Connect with Your Audience(s) to Learn How They Want to Receive Communications
  • Design Brand Standards That Help Protect Your Identity
  • Master Storytelling Principles to Inspire People with Emotional Stories
  • Understand How to Lead-Up to Other Leaders and Provide Information on Why Communications Matter
  • Build a External Marketing Plan to Engage Your Community in Relevant Ways

What subscribers are saying -

CaitlynCaitlin PadanyiCommunications Director at Beulah Church in Canada”So far Sayge has been a wonderfully refreshing view on church communication. It’s so easy to get caught up in producing great copy to promote the next sermon series or building a responsive website. I love that Sayge starts with the foundation – that this is all for God’s glory.”
MattSolikMatt SolikCreative Pastor at North Metro Church in Georgia”Love what your producing and the content you posting on blog and providing in your resource. You’re my “go to” source as I’m working through our church branding and communication strategy. Thanks for all you do!”
JonathanPearsonJonathan PearsonCampus and Communications Pastor at Corner Stone in South Carolina”Sayge isn’t just a communications resource, it is a lifeline to church leaders.  Sayge does what would take a full-time staff member to do.  I am very thankful for this resource!”

Limited Time Offer -

Until April 15, 2013 we are offering people the opportunity to tryout the Sayge Training Program FREE for 30 days.  What do you have to lose?  You will receive the following by subscribing before April 15.

VI_ActionToolAccess to First Training Essential – Vision Identification Coaching Video, eBook and Action Tool.  This essential will show you how-to identify and integrate the unique vision God has for your church.  You will receive hands-on-tools and exercises to guide you along the process.

Plus by subscribing today I will give you the following for free -

AssessmentChurch Communications Assessment to evaluate every area of your Church Communications

EP_GuideEternal Perspective Bundle with Coaching Video, eBook and Retreat Guide.  This free bundle will walk you through a process to regain your eternal perspective.  Remember, when you lose your perspective, you lose everything.

Unlimited Email Access -Direct communication with me to receive additional help and support.

Web*Plus, I will give you a 35-page eBook (Maximize Your Digital Front Door) teaching you how to create web experience, not just an eBook.

Finally …

A huge majority of churches who submitted challenges to survey were related to resources and volunteers.  That means you probably have limited budget dollars and time!  And the cost to attend a conference is expensive when you add in travel.  And hiring a consultant will cost you thousands of dollars.

That is why I always wanted the training program to be affordable at $29.99 per month.  Less than a dollar a day you will have access to everything you need to master Church Communications and Marketing.  Please say “yes” to the program and do not miss out on this limited time offer to try my training program for FREE.