4 Practical Ways to Delegate Others

True delegation is difficult and painful for many leaders. Why? Delegation demands leaders to trust, invest and empower others.  Delegating strips away control and requires humility.  Again, delegation is difficult.

Healthy organizations are chalk full of leaders who practice pure delegation.  Overtime these leaders experienced the power in empowering others.  Being a great leader requires insight into those they lead.  Dr. Lorne Sanny states every follower asks four questions -

  • What am I supposed to do?
  • Will you let me do it?
  • Will you help me when I need it?
  • Will you let me know how I am doing?

If you asked those you lead these questions, what would they say?  The answers will guide you to where you stand on the scale of healthy or unhealthy delegation.  To assist you in your attempts to grow as a leader who empowers others, here are 4 Essentials to Delegation -

  1. Trust in those you lead.
  2. Relax from the arrogance that everything must be done your way.
  3. Instruct followers with clear expectations.
  4. Hold people accountable.

What principles do you practice when delegating tasks and projects?