4 Essentials to a Great Web Experience

I no longer call websites, websites.  Instead I have elected to call websites, webexperiences.  Really, do you want a website or a webexperience?  Here are 4 essentials to having a great webexperience.  And, yes you must be GREAT in all 4 essentials.

Great Content

  • Do you clearly and concisely communicate who you are, what you do and why it matters? If you do not, the 3 remaining essentials mean nothing.
  • Content is king.  It is your foundation.

Great Functionality

  • Is your webexperience displayed with a strategy in mind?  Are you communicating what you think is important?  Or are you communicating what your user thinks is important?
  • Review your Google Analytics regularly.  These numbers are gold.  They give you the data you need to unfold what content is most important to your users.  Use this data to ensure your webexperience is an easy-to-use experience.

Great Design

  • Instantly users will see shape, color and then content on your webexperince.  Will they see clip-art or heart inspired design?

Great Awareness

  • We close with a very important essential.  It really matters not if you have great content, great functionality and great design unless people know your webexperience even exists! 
  • Properly use search engine optimization, map optimization, pay-per-click ads and social media campaigns to generate awareness.

What other essentials would you add to create a great webexperience?