3 Ways To Create An Effective Church Email Newsletter

No matter how entrenched you may be with social media, email is still one of the best forms of communication. The key is creating great email newsletters.  An effective email newsletter provides value, inspires action and is shared by subscribers through social media.

In my time I have seen plenty of great and not-so-great church email newsletters.  I unsubscribe from many and on the flip-side share many. So, before you press “Send” practicing these three principles when creating your next email newsletter.

Capture Attention

It’s not enough to have an email subscribe form tucked into the sidebar of your home page.  Now you can use an array of superb popups to capture the users email address.  From the homepage of your website to every subpage make subscribing to your email seamless and easy.  Be strategic in how you capture emails.  Give users a reason to subscribe to emails. What value do you provide subscriber?

Exchange Value

Giving people a reason to subscribe is even more important than simply grabbing their attention. In order to get willing subscribers these days you must sell the value of what you have to offer and most likely exchange something like a free ebook or video that sounds too good to miss right at the point of subscription.

The act of giving an email address comes with a price these days because all of our email inboxes are jammed.

Be Sharable

Smart marketers have always used tools that make it easier for people to share their email newsletter with friends, but these days that means making your content easy to share in social media as well.  Ensure that every email you publish is instantaneously easy to share.

A church email newsletter could be and should be your best communication tool.  DO NOT simply cut and copy text from a Word document and press “send”.  The attention and time of your church membership is far more valuable.  Be intentional and strategic.

How does your church use email marketing to increase communication efforts?

  • http://danblackonleadership.info/ Dan Black

    Being plugged into social media and having a church news letter is so essential for every member to stay plugged in. Great post.

    • Tim

      I agree. Essential is the best word to describe the importance of a good blend of email, web, social media.