3 Tips For Strengthening And Growing Your Organization

Your organization is a living thing. And like all living things, it needs to continually develop and grow. It needs to become smarter, stronger and more versatile. Just as a shark has to keep moving in order to breathe, your organization has to maintain consistent momentum. When you stop working or become complacent, like the shark, you’re dead in the water. Here’s how you can keep your organization swimming strong for years to come

Three “E”s of Successful Organizations:

#1 – Educate – Organizations should never stop learning. There’s always more to learn, more to know, and ways your organization can get better. Too often organizations – even after decades in existence – become content in their knowledge. They think have reached a peek and there’s nowhere higher to go. That’s flawed thinking. There’s no ceiling on professional knowledge. You can always go higher.

Incorporate formal skills and development programs. Don’t just tell people in your organization to keep learning. Ensure that they do. Make it part of policy. Whether it’s attending classes or conferences, mentoring, or creating internal training programs. Give your people the tools they need to continually learn and grow.

#2 - Evolve – The world changes quickly around us. Don’t be afraid to adapt your company to changing times. Add new services. Tweak your message. Update your website. Keep up with current trends. Don’t let your organization become a relic of the past. Adapt to the world around you and find ways to make your organization better because of new technology, processes and philosophies.

Do a full organizational review every year or biennially. At regular intervals, analyze all aspects of your company – from your products or services to marketing and social media. What looks out of date? What needs to revised or added? Make it a goal for your organization to update a couple different areas each year.

#3 - Expand – Find ways to keep your organization growing. That doesn’t necessarily mean more office space or increased spending. It could just mean looking for ways to reach new or untapped audiences. Or expanding your service offerings. Or launching a new social media effort. The basic idea is to always aspire to more than the status quo. You have to strive to continually increase the value of your organization.

Create growth and expansion goals for your organization. Do this every year. Come up with two or three ways to enhance your organization. Think ambitiously yet practically. Then develop a plan of action detailing how you will achieve those goals. Putting your goals in writing makes it a thousand times more likely you will achieve them.

Great organizations are always moving forward. They remember the past, but look toward the future. They do not fear change, they embrace it. They maintain their mission and values, while striving to become something more. They educate, evolve and expand to be better. Improvement is a constant and endless goal, and they never stop working to achieve it.

“Complacency is the enemy of progress.” -David Stutman

How do you strengthen and grow your organization?