10 Characteristics of Caring Leaders

While working for a large church several years ago I was deeply impacted by a senior leader.  This particular senior leader was very unique. He had zero experience being a pastor.  Zero.  But, by far the most effective senior leader and pastor I followed in my ten years of ministry work.


He genuinely cared for others.  The deep and authentic care for others trumped the lack of knowledge and experience of working in a church.  People simply did not care in his lack knowledge of ministry language, event programming or worship planning.  What mattered most to each person was the sincere care they received from this leader.

Here are the practical ways this leader showed care to others -

  1. Noticed others.
  2. Acknowledged others.
  3. Learned names.
  4. Maintained eye contact during conversations.
  5. Asked questions and listened.
  6. Encouraged others with honest feedback.
  7. Asked for feedback and opinions.
  8. Consistently consistent in leadership approach.
  9. Regularly complimented people both publicly and privately.
  10. Expressed genuine interest in the personal life of followers.

Being a caring leader motivates people more than any other leadership tactic or trait.  Caring for others covers leadership mistakes and errors.  Caring for the people you lead creates a firm foundation of trust.  This foundation of trust allows leaders to inspire and motivate others.

How do you care for others? 


  • http://www.brandongilliland.com/ Brandon Gilliland

    Great stuff!All of these points are great.

  • http://www.skipprichard.com/ Skip Prichard

    No substitute for actual, genuine caring of people! A thoughtfully designed strategy, detailed operational plans, and extensive business metrics all do nothing if the leadership does not care for the people who make it all happen. Nicely said, Tim.

    • http://www.timpeters.org/ Tim Peters

      Skip. You are right on. Thanks for comment.

  • http://www.greenmango.cc/ Opata Olende

    Love #6 and #7.

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  • Greg Johnson

    I know who you are talking about. Agreed. Well said.