The Power of Volunteers Leading Volunteers

As a Communications Pastor, one of the dilemmas I often face with volunteers was that they quit.  I would spend my time finding them, investing in them, and training them, and then, suddenly and without warning, they would leave.

Sometimes their reasons for leaving were real life reasons. They got a job transfer, had a baby, lost a spouse, etc.

But more often than not, they stepped down because they did not feel informed, appreciated, or valued as a team member.

Once I learned that if I spent, some time staying connected to my volunteer team, they would stay on my team I changed my volunteer management style. I paid attention to recruiting, training, investing, managing, encouraging, appreciating, and praying for my volunteers.

But overtime I realized I did not have the bandwidth to manage all of my volunteers and still do my job well. And then I had this crazy thought.

What if I found a Volunteer Coordinator that had great leadership skills, understood the world of church communications and had 10 to 15 hours a week to give as a volunteer?

And that’s exactly what I did.

I found a stay-at-home mother willing to volunteer 15 hours a week as a volunteer coordinator while her children attend the church childcare. It was a perfect fit.

Volunteer Coordinator Role -

  • Meet with Communications Pastor Once a Week to Plan and Review
  • Connect Regularly with Volunteer Team on Projects
  • Host Training Events to Help Volunteers with Roles
  • Celebrate Volunteers with Small Gifts, email and Social Media
  • Provide Communications Pastor with Frequent Updates via Project Management System

Turning over such a vital leadership roll to a volunteer can be a scary notion, but it doesn’t have to be.  God has given each of us skills, strengths, gifts and time to use for His Kingdom. We would be very shortsighted as leaders not to help the people in our churches use those gifts by serving in roles where they are qualified to serve.  I could have never done my job effectively with a Volunteer Coordinator leading a team of great volunteers.

What is your church’s philosophy about volunteers in high capacity roles?