Vision Funding: Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is

Ever heard the expression, “Put your money where your mouth is?”  It simply means, back up what you say you believe in by putting your money toward it.  You can’t say that you want to abolish the lack of clean drinking water in 3rd world countries and never spend a cent on funding water providing organizations.

How you spend your money reflects what is important to you.  Or as Jesus put it, “Where your treasure is, there will your heart lie also.”

This statement rings true when it comes to your church budget as well.  Take a look at it.  Does it accurately reflect the heart of your church? If your church has a heart to serve the homeless but spends no money toward that, it rings hollow that you want to effectively serve the homeless.

Vision integration (making sure your vision permeates every area of your church ministries) includes making sure your budget is aligned with your vision.

If your church’s vision is to be a church that actively pursues the lost, but you don’t spend any money on outreach, then your budget is not aligned with your vision.

This is a critical component of Church Communications.  Often times, when churches think about their budgets, they are thinking “events.”  How much money does the Women’s Ministry need to have their annual Christmas dinner? Or, how much money does the Worship Ministry need to purchase new equipment for the Worship Service? These types of questions aren’t wrong, but they can’t be the leading question.

The leading question in the budget process should be, “How much money do we need to effectively communicate the vision?”  This will show up primarily in your communication budget (please tell me you have one) but it will also show up throughout your individual ministry budgets.

This process will also help you decide what ministries and events you need to stop doing.  If they don’t line up with the vision, if they aren’t actively communicating the vision, then you need to stop spending money on them.

For many of you, this idea will be a harsh reality.  For some of you, it will give you permission to make some necessary changes; permission to stop doing some things you know you need to stop doing.

So this year, as you think about your budget, I challenge you to do this: Put Your Money Where Your Vision Is.

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