The Importance of Identifying and Evaluating Your Brand Interactions

In a previous post, I wrote about a friend of mine who is incredibly brand loyal.  I made the observation that branding is more about interactions than interruptions.

Your audience doesn’t want your brand to be an interruption to their life.  They want you to interact with them in a meaningful way, a way that is seamlessly interwoven into their lives; a way that makes a difference in their lives. 

So what is a Brand Interaction?

A brand interaction is any interaction a church member or community individual has with your church.

It includes:

  • how your phone is answered
  • how voicemails are handled
  • the functionality of your website
  • the frequency and content of your emails
  • the warmth and authenticity of Sunday morning greetings
  • the relevance of the sermon

In short, a brand interaction is any way a person interacts with your church.

These interactions are oftentimes pursued by the audience.  They choose to click on your website, walk into your church or send an email.  Identifying and evaluating each brand interaction is a integral part of Church Communications.

Here are three ways to insure great brand interactions with your audience:

  1. Begin by identifying every interactions.  List every interaction on a whiteboard or sheet of paper.
  2. Evaluate and ask, “Do these interactions reinforce the brand we wish to develop?
  3. Adjust your interactions to be an accurate reflection of your brand.

Identify, Evaluate, Adjust.  It’s a continual process, but a valuable and necessary one.

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