Surprising Thoughts on Social Media – Interview with Justin Wise

JustineWise_Profile-300x300Justin Wise – Communications Strategist

Justin Wise is the Communications Director for Monk Development. After seven years on staff at the largest Lutheran church in America, Justin now helps churches and ministries develop a simple and effective social media and web strategy. A proud husband and dad, Justin and his family live in Des Moines, Iowa. When not running, reading, or cooking, find him blogging at or on Twitter.

Video Notes -

Question: What are the greatest challenges facing church communication leaders?

  • Being a Communications Leader.
  • The ability to identify and communicate the mission of church both internally and externally.

Question: How can churches develop a holistic social media strategy to engage their audiences?

  • Do not start with social media.
  • Social media is the “cherry-on-top”.  Social media is a piece of the entire communications strategy, not the strategy.
  • Start with Identifying Organizational Big Idea.  Then develop holistic communications strategy. Then create online communications strategy.  Finally, add social media to the mix.

Question: How can churches improve the way they use email communications?

  • Keep it simple.  Nobody reads long emails.  In fact, they only read 20% of what is front of their eyes.
  • Use good design, simple content and always include a call-to-action link.

Question: What excites you the most about the future of church communications?

  • The idea that culture would look to churches to learn how to communicate with audiences.

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