Sayge Resources Official Launch

After years of research and development, Sayge Resources launches today.  Sayge is a monthly church communications training resource and is available for any church leader passionate about or responsible for church communications and marketing.  Check out this incredible resource and enjoy the first month for free.

Our training product will help you:

  • Achieve vision identification that will unite your congregation and move people from complacency to action
  • Create your own communications strategy that aligns budget dollars with desired results
  • Design brand standards that takes the guesswork out of communicating and protecting your brand
  • Implement project systems that increase production of product deliverables
  • Give your website a look that accurately reflects who you are to your guests and also increases visits to your church
  • Connect with your audience in a way that will engage them to live out the vision.
  • Have a social media presence that will keep you connected to your members and online community throughout the week, building an incredible sense of community among your people
  • Enhance your guest experience that will help you move your guests from visitors to members
  • Understand how to lead creative people, and how to facilitate a creative meeting as well as learn to lead those in authority over you who lack creativity
  • Utilize volunteer mobilization training techniques to enhance all areas of your communications ministry
  • Develop an external marketing strategy plan that generates relevant awareness within your community
  • Become an effective storyteller, using all forms of storytelling to communicate how the vision is being lived out in your church

I am so sure you’re going to love Sayge, that I am giving you the first month FREE! PLUS you’ll receive additional bonus resources if you subscribe in January.

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  • Pastor Travis Schrock

    Signed up today – thankful and excited for what is coming every month! Thank you for taking on this enormous mission.

    • Tim Peters

      That is great, Travis! Enjoy.