New Communication Tool for Senior Pastors – Because Vision Must Be Communicated Well

As a Church Communication Strategist I have had the privilege of working with several Senior Pastors across the nation.  Deep in the heart of all of them is a dream and a vision given to them by God.  And chief among their frustration is the inability to move that vision forward, either because they cannot communicate the vision in such a way that it compels their people to action, or because the other demands of their job keep them from their primary focus.

I’m not surprised at all by their frustration.  A Senior Pastor has the most demanding role in the Church.  He’s called to lead his congregation, to disciple them, develop them, challenge them and move them closer to Jesus.  He has hospital visits to make, and phone calls to return, sermons to prepare and business meetings to attend.  If he’s in a large enough church he has a staff to lead and envision, and if his church isn’t that large, then he’s doing it all.

So what’s a Senior Pastor to do?  How does he meet the needs of his church, keep his head above water, and make sure the vision is constantly communicated in a clear and compelling way?  Simply put, he must HAVE vision clarity, and then develop a strategy and put systems in place to be sure the vision is communicated in a clear and compelling way.

It’s that very thing that has me so excited about this new resource from SAYGE. I know what a valuable resource it’s going to be to Senior Pastors. The intentional and systematic way that it is laid out will help him master the basics of church communications and keep the vision moving forward.

THIS is the resource I WISH had been around when I was in the trenches.  It’s everything I wanted and needed, and for Senior Pastors who are either doing it all or who have a Church Communications Team, this is the resource you’re going to be ecstatic you’ve found.  And it’s just weeks away from your inbox.

Stay tuned for product release dates.