Is Your Brand an Interaction or an Interruption?

I have a friend of mine who is incredibly brand loyal.  Once she has chosen a brand of just about anything, she doesn’t switch.  I am often intrigued by people like her, so I asked her what criteria she uses for choosing and then remaining loyal to a brand.

She said, “Tim, I choose a brand based on how well they tell me what their brand is going to do.  I continue using that brand if it lives up to what they communicated. My ongoing relationship with that brand is based on how well they treat me as a customer; how well they interact with me.

  • Does their website have information I need when I have a question about the brand?
  • Do they make it easy for me to communicate with them?
  • Do I get a sense that they genuinely care about me as a customer?
  • If I sign up for emails from them, do they annoy me with hundreds of inane and useless emails, or are their emails really worth my while?

She had a lot more about this topic, but her commentary led me to this observation:

Branding is more about interactions than interruptions. 

And though she was talking specifically about being loyal to a product, I believe there are transferrable principles to the church. Your audience wants you to interact with them.  They want you to be seamlessly interwoven into their lives.  They want you to live out who and what you say you are in a way that impacts and changes their lives.  What they do not want is for your brand to be an interruption.

Determining if your church brand is an interaction or an interruption will play a significant role in the trajectory of your Church Communications strategy.  How are you doing in this area?  Are you interacting with your audience in a meaningful way, or are you merely an interruption?  The great news is, you have the power to choose which you will be.  I’ll unpack this for you later this week when I talk about The Importance of Identifying and Evaluating Your Brand Interactions.

Brand Standards is just one of The 12 Essentials of Church Communications addressed by SAYGE RESOURCES.  Sayge is a monthly Church Communications training resource for any church leader wanting to reach and mobilize their audiences to Kingdom action. The monthly resource will be available very soon.
  • Leader In Training

    Very interesting, we just had a meeting with leaders and the Pastor stated that if your ministry is experiencing short attendence, then you need to be as the market’s on television advertisement, by showing you the expectations of the product (The Church) and living up to it.

    • Tim Peters

      That is great. Let me know how it goes.

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