Introducing a New Resource for Church Communication Leaders

Recently, I received an email from James, a Church Communications Leader. I could read that he was struggling; with strategy, with Senior leadership, even with just understanding how to use the Internet. But I could also hear that he was passionate about his work. He wanted to do great work, but he was simply in need of resources and help. What I sensed from him was that he was optimistically clueless.

Here’s the deal. He is not unlike most Church Communication Leaders that contact me: up to their eyeballs in expectations and deadlines, with a desire to develop themselves and their team, but no time to do either. He was under-resourced, under-valued, and under pressure with no sense that there was a solution to his problem.

The solution to his problem is simple. It’s training. It’s finding existing resources that can guide him into next steps in developing strategies, systems and standards. He can do it by spending hours online, attending conferences and workshops, networking with other Communication Leaders or by hiring a consultant. But the hours in the day don’t allow for time to meet deadlines much less to do all the work necessary to develop his ministry, himself or his team.

It’s that very thing that has me so excited about this new resource from SAYGE. I know what a valuable resource it’s going to be to leaders like James. The intentional and systematic way that it is laid out will not only tell him what his next steps are, it will help him master the basics with practical action tools.

We’ve done the research. We’ve done the networking. We’ve attended the conferences and workshops. We’ve worked with the consultants. And now we’ve taken all our knowledge and expertise and developed a monthly subscription resource focused on the 12 Essentials of Church Marketing and Communications that will change the way you think about Church Communications, forever.

For new leaders like James and for seasoned Church Communications Leaders everywhere, THIS is the resource I WISH had been around when I was in the trenches. It’s everything I wanted and needed, and its just weeks away from being available to you.

I am so excited about how this resource is going to change your job, your ministry, and most importantly your perspective! You have to get it right, every day, because eternity is at stake.

  • Rebecca A

    I am SO ready to “get it right”! Can’t wait for this resource!

    • Tim Peters

      Rebecca -

      Great to hear! It is coming soon.

    • Tim Peters

      It is time to check it out at