Introducing a Marketing Training Resource for Church Planters

Every church conference I attend, whether it be Catalyst, Exponential, Right Now; I always interact with Church Planters.  It’s easy for me to interact and understand Church Planters because they are entrepreneurs, action-oriented people, much like myself.  Every time I meet with them, I leave excited because they are so passionate about what God is doing.

Typically, at some point during our interaction, usually at the point where they realize I am a Church Communications Strategist, they express the universal Church Planting communication problem; “No one knows we exist, where we meet, or what God is up to. If we could just get them here, we could tell them!”

Church Planters, many of you are operating with a limited budget and a BIG need to promote and raise community awareness. Most likely you’re doing it all, and you’re so busy that you don’t even have the time to know HOW to reach people in your community!

That’s why you’re going to love the new resource that has been developed by Sayge Resources.  It’s the solution to your problem.  You don’t have time to be the Communications Pastor, develop your identity, create vision clarity, build systems and strategies, stay savvy with Social Media as well as everything else you have to do.

We’ve done everything you don’t have time to do.  We’ve researched, networked, attended conferences and workshops, worked with some of the greatest Church Communications leaders in the country, and put all that together into a product that’s going to be the best thing you’ve put your hands on since you started thinking about Church Planting.  And it’s just weeks away from being ready to deliver to your inbox.