How to Take an Idea from Birth to Launch

KellerBioShotJustin Keller – Virtual Creative Director

Justin Keller is a Virtual Creative Director and Founder of Circle 50.  He is the former Creative Director of Woodlands Church (formerly Fellowship of The Woodlands).  Justin led the creative direction and marketing for several national book and resource campaigns. The campaigns included the successful launch of Kerry Shook’s New York Times Best Seller, One Month to Live.

Justin was instrumental in the launch of Sayge, and I wanted to interview him about how you take an idea from birth to launch.  The video is very helpful in providing tips for Church Communications leaders to identify and implement any idea.

Video Notes -

Question: What excites you most about working with churches around the Nation?

  • Raised attendance and serving in church.  Worked full-time on a church staff as a Worship Leader and Creative Director.  Working in the local church inspired him to help more churches.  
  • The opportunity to help churches use creativity to bring new ideas from birth to launch.

Question: How do you take a big idea from birth to launch?

  • Involve the right people with the right skills.
  • Ask questions from the beginning to determine the desired results.
  • Start with the “end-in-mind” and work backwards to goal.

Question: In the ideation process, what are the key factors in process?

  • Identifying the source of the idea.  
  • Idea must support and advance vision of leader.
  • Do not overlook the “pitch”.  The “pitch” must be clear and supported by action-steps.
  • Establish paramaters (budget, resources, deadlines, goals).

Tip: Be your own critic.  Ask yourself ten critical questions about the idea before making “pitch”.

Question: How do you gain access to the Senior Leader to understand their vision?

  • Listen.  Consistently listen to their sermons, staff training, prayers, etc.  
  • The time and access with Senior Leader when you are proactive in presenting to solutions to problems.
  • Be the “solution finder”.

Question: What are the key reasons ideas die?

  • No systems in place.  
  • Lack of clarity and action-plan.
  • Pray for favor with Senior Leaders and alignment with their vision.

Tip: Spend time praying and asking God for vision, wisdom and creativity.

Question: What books, magazines, podcasts and blogs do you use?

How do you take an idea from birth to launch?  What ways do you interact with the Senior Leader to help identify and implement ideas?