How to Create a Holistic Communications Strategy and More

BrianKaufmanBrian Kaufman – Tipping Media

Brian is the Founder of Tipping Media.  Tipping Media is a web strategy and design group working with churches around the nation.  He is on the cutting-edge of web strategy and design.  The video below will help you as Church Communications leaders with content creation, communications strategy, social media and mobile communications.

Video Notes -

Question: What are best practices to develop content?

  • Social media is not hard.  You are already doing social media in a physical way.
  • Communicate who you are as a church on social media.
  • Use questions about most recent sermons, simple videos from pastors, etc.
  • Content creation is natural.

Question: What advice would you give a Church Communications leader when convincing pastors to use social media?

  • Social media gives pastors a new and different way to connect with people beyond Sunday mornings.
  • Social media gives pastors the platform to be authentic and relational.
  • Social media is a way for you to be personal to your church on a more regular basis.

Question: How do you create a holistic communications strategy?

  • Start with vision.  Vision first.  Strategy first.
  • Communication strategies must align with vision.
  • Get the right people in the room when developing communications strategy (Senior Pastor, Leaders, Etc.).
  • Developing a communications strategy without identifying your vision is a waste of time.
  • Identify your audience and their “pain” points.
  • Communicate your vision through strategic channels to your audience.
  • Communications strategy must include Next Steps.  What is the one thing you are asking people to do with a communication strategy?

Question: What ways can churches use mobile communications to engage their audience?

  • Every page on your website does not need to be responsive to mobile devices.

How does your church develop content?  What steps did you take in creating a communications strategy? 




  • Christian F. Monzón

    Thanks for the great interview Tim. You had some great questions and Brian really broke it down. Props on another really solid post with incredibly valuable content.

    • Tim Peters

      Thanks Christian. Brian did a great job!