Do You Have a Trueline?

You have probably heard of taglines and slogans, but have you heard of a trueline?  Marty Neumeier defines trueline as the one true thing you can say about your organization.  The trueline must be credible and valuable to your audience.  A trueline statement is the value you can deliver to users time and time again.

Southwest Airlines -
Trueline – “You can fly just about anywhere for less than it costs to drive.
Tagline – “You are now free to move about the country.”

Essentials to Great Truelines and Taglines:

  • Focus on One Value Proposition
  • Keep Clear, Concise and Compelling
  • Do Not Use Commas or “Ands”
  • Words Should Be Memorable

Let’s face it.  Your audience and fans will not be perfectionist when memorizing and stating your mission, vision, values and trueline/tagline to others.  However, if your fans have truly experienced the value proposition found in your trueline; they will inevitably have the capacity to state your trueline in some form or fashion to others.

What is your trueline?  How did you find it?