Church Branding – A Collision Between Expectations and Experiences

The concept of a brand is a little bit elusive, especially as it relates to Church Marketing and Communications.  Some people think the brand is the logo or the artwork you use in advertising media.  Some leaders talk about brand identity in relationship to strategy.  Some talk about a brand it terms of its projected image.

The reality is that your brand is the positive collision of all those things. It’s who you are, who you say you are, and who your audience says you are.

But sometimes it’s hard to think of a church in terms of a brand.  So here’s a quick way to think about it.

You have a vision, given by God, that guides your church.  It’s who you are; who you were meant to be.

You communicate messages to your audience via sermons, announcements, social media, your website, events, etc.  That’s who you say you are.

Your audience has a perception based on your communication messages.  It comes by way of their own personal bias, past experiences, expectations, personalities and general word-of-mouth.  That’s what determines who your audience says you are.

If you communicate well, then your vision, your communicated message, and your audience’s perception will work together to create the brand you desire. To do so requires that you know each of these very well.

Brand Identity is a critical component of any communication strategy, but especially a church communication strategy.  Church communications matter because what the church communicates matters.

How does your church develop a positive brand with your church and community? Leave a comment below.  



  • Bryan Chalker – Happy Bulletin

    Totally hit the nail on the head…but the “b” word still has a bit of a stigma attached, due to the secular use of the term. That, along with “marketing”, will surely get you the stare of death from many staffers in the weekly meetings :)

    How do deal with those situations?