5 Essentials of a Church Communications Strategy

A church communications strategy is a month-to- month process in determining what, why, how and when you will communicate with your community and your church. The church communications strategy helps you communicate what matters and keeps you focused on the end results.

The 5 Essentials of a Church Communications Strategy - 

Vision –

Everything starts with vision, including your communications strategy.  The vision of your church inspires people more than any event or ministry ever will. The vision and desired future of your church should drive every way you communicate to your audience.

Priorities –

Beyond the vision of your church, you will have certain priorities you want to emphasize on a monthly basis.  These could be an event, a ministry, or a campaign. (IE: Christmas, Easter, Giving Campaigns, etc.)  Keep in mind that these priorities should align with and advance the vision of the church.

Audience –

A strategy will be ineffective if your audience is not clearly defined. Take unhurried time and connect with your audience via Social Media, survey groups, interviews and demographic studies to understand every detail of your audience.

Channels –

Based on your vision, priorities and audience, determine what channels you will use to communicate with your audience. The channels you identify could be announcements, website, social media, etc. The key is to find the 3-5 channels that are best for your audience and easy for you to do with excellence.

Results –

Measure what matters. Clearly identify what it is you want to accomplish by executing a communications strategy. These desired results will not only keep you on track, but will keep you motivated and focused.

A communications strategy is a very important ministry tool.  If developed and leveraged correctly, a church can see HUGE impact because with clear communications, people are inspired to take action; give more, serve more, and live in community.

At Sayge Resources we not only give you more details on developing a communications strategy, but we give you a customizable template.  The template helps keep you on track and saves you time and money.