Top 3 Church Websites in America

After hundreds of hours reviewing and testing church websites, I present to you the Top 3 Church Websites in America.  What makes these websites the best?  First, they present an experience.  Secondly, they deliver value added content to users in seconds.  Thirdly, they do a great job of engaging the user via social media and life-change stories.  Fourthly, they present content in a simple but effective design.

Mars Hill Church

Simplistic design, captivating graphics, ease-of-use with detailed drop-down menus, relevant content via blogs and videos, consistent and clear messaging.

The Village Church

Ease-of-use with detailed drop-down menus, captivating life-change stories via video and written story, brilliant site architecture, succinct and informative New Here? section, highly accessible sermon media, effective use of video communications.

The City Church

Clear emotional communication via images, excellent use of videos to communicate stories and important details, vector graphics/icons to illustrate content, consistent and clear content, instructive and detailed pages with no wasted space or language.

What other church websites would you place in the Top 3 in America?  

How To Be A Social Media Leader

lead·er  noun:

  1. The person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country.
  2. A person followed by others.

Being a leader means setting a precedent. It’s standing in the front of the line and guiding people in the right direction. If there’s one area where leadership has been lacking in businesses and organizations, it’s social media. In fact, many leaders have taken a hands-off approach to online communication. Today, I’ll tell you what I am learning as I strive to be a social media leader.

Here are four ways you can work to become a social media leader:


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Texas Ministry Conference Notes

I had a fantastic time presenting to organizational leaders at Texas Ministry Conference.  The experience was very satisfying in knowing we helped Texas Ministry Conference reach an all time attendance record through Internet Marketing Campaigns.  Additionally, the conference was very enjoyable knowing many people were impacted by receiving relevant content on ministry best practices.

Below you will find my handouts, notes and presentation decks for all three sessions -

Create a Web Experience, Not a Website – Maximizing Your Digital Front Door

After word-of-mouth, your website is your most powerful marketing tool.  In 2011, your “new front door” starts with Google and ends with a click of the mouse.  Are you capitalizing on the opportunities technology provides? Do you tell an online story or simply provide a PDF brochure online?  Do you present people with an experience or an “every day” website?  Learn compelling statistics and practical ways and tips to create a memorable website.




Vision in Action – Vision Beyond the Whiteboard

Does your organization have a vision statement? How about a mission statement? You probably do. If you do not have these two vital statements, or if you have them but are not using them to guide your organization’s work, you are missing out on the most effective ways to create movement in your church.   This movement requires action driven by vision and mission.  Without an action, the vision and mission will never leave the whiteboard.  Learn practical ways to identify and integrate vision and mission within your church and ministry.




Healthy Leaders Lead Healthy Organizations – 10 Keys to Being a Healthy Leader

Being a pastor is a demanding and at times, a chaotic role.  It is difficult to find restoration.  Restoration is a key ingredient to being healthy. The mind, body, and soul need restoration…daily restoration.  In this workshop, you will learn 10 principles that will change the way you do ministry.  These principles penetrate every area of life, from spiritual to growth to marriage to physical exercise.  Concluding the presentation, each attendee will be equipped to take the next steps to full health.




I am available to speak and train your organization and leadership on these topics and more.  Connect with me to start a conversation.

How Is Your Church Responding?

We (Resolute Creative) developed an informational video.  The video addresses the overwhelming opportunity to spread the Gospel via the Internet.  We know Internet stats.  We know the power of the Internet.  We know the Internet is not a fade. We know that Internet stats represent people.

The Great Commission does not exclude the Internet, it includes it.  How is your church responding? 


Internet: A Mission Field from Jacob Abshire on Vimeo.